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Case Study: eCommerce Fulfillment for Growth-Focused Fragrance Company

After three years in business, a modern fragrance company that built its reputation on quality, natural ingredients and personalized service was struggling. They reached out to GLF at a tipping point: handling fulfillment in-house had become utter chaos.

As sales surged in 2021 following a brief pandemic-related drop in 2020, the small team was constantly being pulled away from their core responsibilities to process orders. Employees were spending half of their time in the warehouse fulfilling orders instead of doing what they do best: growth-focused initiatives such as product development, marketing and evolving the customer experience.

Worse, the company’s reputation for quality and personalized service was being compromised. The surge in demand caused a surge in order errors and delays, and the percentage of shipments with the wrong products and addresses were in the double-digits.

Here’s how the team of experts at GLF E-commerce Fulfillment got this fragrance company set up and running with a seamless supply chain that would support their growth for years to come.

Seamless and Expedited Order Fulfillment

After learning the unique goals and existing processes of this customer, their inventory was sent to our warehouse where it was carefully inspected, sorted by SKU and placed on dedicated shelves.

Since order fulfillment wasn’t at the whim of the small team’s availability anymore, the fragrance business saw an immediate improvement in delivery accuracy and the positive feedback from their customers was instant.

In addition to alleviating their challenges with bandwidth, outsourcing order fulfillment helped this customer expedite delivery times. When an order is received, it goes directly to the GLF warehouse team where it is typically processed for same-day fulfillment.

Efficient and Growth-Focused Solutions for Shipping

After analyzing current customer data and factoring in the company’s future growth plans, GLF created a custom solution for both domestic and international shipping.

International shipping was a huge pain point for this customer. Due to the flammable nature of their product, shipping fragrances internationally can be extremely complicated and cost-prohibitive.

For example, USPS won’t ship fragrances internationally and other carriers like FedEx or UPS can be extremely expensive and inflexible, especially given the current supply chain issues they are facing.

Thanks to GLF’s global distribution network of both commercial and postal carriers, a custom solution was created by our global logistics division that allowed the customer to easily expand their business to the international market

Comprehensive Inventory Reporting

While the fragrance company turned to GLF for help with order fulfillment, we quickly realized they also needed a better process for inventory management and reporting.

Before partnering with GLF, inventory management during the holiday season, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day had been based on educated guesses rather than historical and projected data. Since this customer imports many of their ingredients from Europe, this became a major pain point after the supply chain disruptions of 2021. It became business-critical to have complete oversight of both real-time and historical inventory data to prepare for demand well in advance.

After integrating GLF’s proprietary inventory management software with their Shopify storefront, the customer had complete oversight of their fulfillment supply chain for the first time ever. They could now log into their orders dashboard and see real-time data, such as what orders were being processed and shipped, as well as which orders were still open.

Between the item dashboard and inventory on-hand reports, they always know the volume of what items are in stock and when to order more. They could also make data-driven decisions based on historical inventory data and order volume.

Subscription Box Solutions for Expanded Service Offerings

When GLF first partnered with this customer, they only offered fragrances by the bottle, however, they had plans to offer a subscription box service of mini-fragrance sets in the future. It was important the selected fulfillment partner had experience in subscription box fulfillment and could help set them up for success.

After experiencing how easy and efficient it was to outsource their existing order fulfillment needs to GLF, they quickly decided to move forward with their expansion into the subscription box market. The GLF team shared insights and consulted the fragrance company on the best practices for rolling out and maintaining a successful subscription box service.

By taking advantage of GLF’s kitting and assembly services, the fragrance company was able to launch a successful pilot campaign of their subscription box service and are currently working on expanding the program to the international market in 2022.


Customer Retention Through a Personalized Experience

This client genuinely takes pride in creating a long-lasting and meaningful relationship with their customers. Little things such as including a hand-written note to repeat customers, sending personalized recommendations based on past purchases and responding thoughtfully to all customer inquiries are what keep their customers coming back for more.

Since the GLF team shares the same sentiment when it comes to creating long-lasting and meaningful relationships with customers, our marketing fulfillment division proactively suggested a way to expand on the personalized experience by adding thoughtful and hyper-targeted print materials to each shipment, including:

  • A thank you note from the founder and CEO.
  • Tips on how to get the most out of their fragrance purchase.
  • Their brand story and a discount code for the next purchase.

Grow Your Fragrance Company with GLF E-Commerce Fulfillment

With 20 years of experience in e-commerce fulfillment, GLF takes pride in building long-lasting relationships with our customers, and providing unmatched reliability and personalized solutions. Our team takes the time to learn the unique needs of your fragrance company and work with you as a proactive partner to create growth-focused solutions that grow your business today and well into the future. Contact our team today to learn how we can help your fragrance company grow.

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