Selecting an e-commerce storefront is a critical first step to selling online, but with over 370 to choose from, it’s hard to know which makes the most sense for your business. Just as you want to put research into this step, it’s equally important to partner with an e-commerce fulfillment company that can integrate with your storefront.

Shopify, perhaps the most popular e-commerce platform, supports more than 600,000 businesses in some 175 countries. GLF integrates seamlessly with Shopify, among other e-commerce storefronts. Once connected, we take on the management of all of your fulfillment needs, including pick-and-pack, kitting, assembly, QA, shipping and returns.

Finding a fulfillment partner that can integrate disparate storefronts and systems is essential for your success. For more information about our integrations, read on.


Direct Integrations to Popular E-Commerce Storefronts 

Not every storefront integrates with fulfillment software. That’s why it’s critical to find a fulfillment company that can plug directly into your processes without disruption or delay.

While most fulfillment companies take three to four weeks to get you set up, GLF can get you fully integrated within 24 to 48 hours. Our proprietary, cloud-based software is completely customizable, and integrates with many CRMs and order management systems. These include:

We’re also constantly adding new integrations and enhancing our API systems to improve data exchange.

Customized Solutions for Your Needs

No two e-commerce businesses have the same needs. Therefore, your fulfillment software must be customizable to your storefront. With several integrations, our team is familiar with the technology you need to handle everything from orders to returns.

GLF has in-house development resources to create personalized solutions for your fulfillment needs. If you’re having trouble integrating an obscure storefront, our developers will create specialty integrations upon request. And you’ll never have to wait days for customer support. Our team takes the time upfront to learn your business and work with you as a proactive partner to create personalized solutions that sync with your processes.

Comprehensive Inventory Analytics for Teams and Customers

In addition to fast integration, GLF’s cloud-based platform provides precision order and inventory data in a variety of formats for both customers and your own in-house users. Because data is displayed in real-time, you’ll get complete visibility into your inventory. Here’s a breakdown of our reports:

Inventory Balances Report 

This report provides a date-range view of inventory levels and movement within the WMS. The report includes a SKU with a beginning balance for the date range and any receipts, shipments, returns, positive or negative adjustments in that date range, as well as the ending balance for that date range. We recommend pulling this report at least once per month.

Tracking Data Summary Report

The Tracking Statistic Report indicates package shipment costs and analysis on average ship cost, weight, and shipping zone distribution. The Tracking Data Detail Report provides that same info but at the line-item detail level.

Open Orders Report

This report provides the ability to view any orders at the line-item detail level that are still open or processing in the system.

Item Dashboard and Inventory On-Hand Report

The Item Dashboard provides a snapshot view of item status. It reveals how many units are on-hand and if there are any units in order. It will also send low-stock alerts. The Inventory On-Hand Report provides a snapshot of on-hand inventory quantities.

Orders Dashboard

This dashboard provides a snapshot summary of order statuses throughout order processing.

Component of Report

This specialized report tied to GLF’s Virtual Kit Concept allows for looking at the SKU and seeing a list of offers that an item is connected to. It’s very useful when swapping out coupons or inserts from an offer and substituting for back-ordered or discontinued items.

Partner with GLF for Your E-Commerce Fulfillment

We realize there are hundreds of systems to choose from. GLF takes pride in getting customers set up fast, but we always take the time to listen to your needs.

With 20 years of experience in end-to-end e-commerce fulfillment, we’re available to address questions or concerns you have, while suggesting new practices to support the continued success of your business. To learn more about our fulfillment services and integrations, contact us today.