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What is the Best E-Commerce Fulfillment Company in Dallas?

Dallas is perfectly positioned in the center of four major North American cities: Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and Mexico City. This central location makes Dallas the ideal spot for all things related to shipping, transportation and logistics. Other benefits of the region include:

  • Ability to reach over 100 million people (one-third of the U.S.) with two-day ground delivery service.
  • Mild climate conditions that limit weather-related delays.
  • A growing and top-performing labor market.
  • Superior state infrastructure – railways, roadways, sorting centers and more.
  • Large transportation pool, with all major carriers having hubs in the area.

E-commerce behemoths like Walmart and Chewy call Dallas home for their fulfillment centers. So whether you’re a Dallas-based business looking for a local fulfillment partner or an out-of-state business looking to benefit from the city’s strategic location, GLF can help.

Here’s how.

In-House vs. Outsourced Dallas E-Commerce Fulfillment

Too often, e-commerce businesses think of fulfillment as yet another task for staff to handle on top of other jobs, when it actually requires a specialized, dedicated workforce.

Even if you only have a dozen SKUs, it can be difficult to keep up with orders without a full-time fulfillment staff, equipment and infrastructure on-site.

Maxing out your employee bandwidth can have a host of negative consequences:

  • Pulling employees to help with fulfillment, only to be short-staffed elsewhere, which also affects your bottom line.
  • Problems with inventory management (which may already be an issue).
  • No staffing buffer for seasonal changes or unexpected events.
  • Poor customer reviews related to quality, reliability or timeliness.

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In-house fulfillment is especially daunting for startup e-commerce businesses that are often tight on staff. It can also be challenging for established businesses that are in growth-mode, but haven’t scaled their workforce to match. Other issues that plague in-house fulfillment include:

  • Inventory and equipment space issues.
  • COVID-related work outages.
  • Automation issues related to pandemic shortages and delays (see below).
  • Inadequate training and experience in fulfillment.

Get Rid of In-House Fulfillment Headaches

Partnering with an experienced Dallas e-commerce fulfillment provider like GLF eliminates the issues that come with in-house fulfillment.

Think of it like hiring someone to cut your lawn versus doing it yourself. You don’t have to think about how to maneuver your mower in and out of the garage, or whether it has enough gas. Instead of spending your time manicuring your grass, you can reallocate it to something more pleasant and productive, when your hours are limited.

Global Shipping and Returns for Dallas E-Commerce Fulfillment

Managing shipping and returns within the U.S. is difficult enough; it becomes infinitely harder when your business starts selling overseas. Every delay on the other side of the earth has a domino effect thousands of miles away, so in addition to the current supply chain issues we’re all well aware of, selling internationally can come with its own set of challenges too, including:

  • Figuring out pricing strategies that work with the higher cost of international shipments.
  • Logistics for returned items.
  • Planning for, calculating and collecting duties, fees and taxes.
  • Knowledge of foreign importation laws and restrictions.

Get Access to a Global Distribution Network

With the surge in e-commerce sales this past year, selling internationally can open up lucrative business opportunities. GLF makes it easy to sell and ship your products anywhere in the world, thanks to our global distribution network. Our Dallas fulfillment center is strategically situated for both inbound and outbound shipments.

Our global logistics division can manage all of your international transportation needs, including:

  • Importing and Customs Clearance
  • Section 321 and Type 86
  • Cargo and Freight
  • DDP and DDU
  • Last Mile Delivery
  • Domestic and International Shipping

Personalized Fulfillment Services for Dallas E-Commerce Businesses

If you’re already working with a fulfillment company, you may be disappointed by the lack of customer support. Even worse, many e-commerce shops have been hit with significant fee hikes from Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) for fulfillment, disposal, storage and aged inventory.

With over 20 years of experience in e-commerce fulfillment, we’ve made it our mission to be a top fulfillment company in Dallas. We provide upfront, transparent pricing and never charge for administrative fees or customer service requests. Experience the GLF difference by contacting us today.



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