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What to Look for in a Nutraceutical Fulfillment Partner

If you’re an e-commerce retailer with a high-quality line of nutraceutical products, congratulations are in order for your timely business foresight. In the midst of a global pandemic, educated health consumers are more eager than ever to acquire nutritional products that boost immune health and prevent illness.

Worth $233.9 billion in 2020, the global market for nutraceuticals is projected to reach $358.5 billion by 2027. Those numbers will likely grow even more given the pandemic, so how can you best prepare for a spike in sales from the world’s most health-conscious consumers who are ready to make functional foods and dietary supplements a regular part of their diet?

Perhaps, most importantly from the business point of view, timely e-commerce fulfillment is mandatory to prevent your valued health consumers from shopping around for faster delivery by established competitors and growing start-ups.

To keep your customers coming back for more, look for a fulfillment partner that offers transparent pricing, prompt delivery and personalized service.


Transparent Pricing

There may have been a time when orders, exchanges and returns were easily handled by an in-house team of employees who had no problem wearing multiple hats to get the job done. But when your IT specialists are packing shipments or sales pros are taking inventory, with products flooding in the hallways or languishing in storage, it’s time to scale up.

While outsourcing comes with an added expense, it frees up your team to focus on more productive tasks. Plus, when all of your items are stored in one central warehouse and handled by a team that is trained to confidently navigate it–greater efficiency is always the end result.

You’ll want to look for a fulfillment provider that offers transparent pricing, meaning there are no hidden fees for things like customer service or administrative support. A reliable provider will walk you through all of the associated fees, and explain whether they’re charged monthly or annually.

And since time is money in the nutraceutical sector, look for a provider that offers prompt delivery. Here’s why.

Prompt Set Up and Delivery

When your products are considered to be an essential part of your customer’s diets, prompt delivery is key to exceeding their expectations. But before you can even get your products into their hands, you need to get set up with your chosen provider’s software.

Not every fulfillment provider offers direct integrations between disparate systems. Look for an e-commerce fulfillment provider that can immediately plug into your processes without the need to develop integrations to the most popular online storefront platforms from scratch. GLF’s proprietary, cloud-based software is completely customizable and integrates with most CRMs and order management systems, including:

And that’s just the start. GLF is constantly adding new order management systems to its list of integrations and enhancing API systems to improve data exchange. While most fulfillment companies take three to four weeks to get you set up, GLF can get you fully integrated within 24 to 48 hours to ensure there are no slowdowns with deliveries.

Personalized Service

In addition to fast onboarding, you’ll also want to look for a fulfillment provider that has experience working with nutraceutical companies like yours. Having expertise in your particular industry can ensure proactive recommendations and forward-thinking strategies to grow your business.

Make sure they offer all-in-one fulfillment services so you’re working with a single vendor and eliminating weak links in your supply chain. Service capabilities should include the ability to:

  • Integrate systems.
  • Receive, manage and store inventory.
  • Process and fulfill orders.
  • Maintain quality assurance.
  • Ship products nationally and internationally.
  • Handle returns.

GLF gives your business turnkey access to an entire e-commerce fulfillment hub designed to free up company bandwidth to let your busy team focus on growing your nutraceutical business without the hassles and expenses of in-house warehouse management. Rather than carry the burden of picking and packing orders on your own, GLF can handle all of it while giving you complete visibility into operations. You can easily track orders, exchanges and returns while receiving timely updates on stock levels. That way, you never have to worry about having too much or too little inventory on hand.

Work With a Hands-On Nutraceutical Fulfillment Provider

GLF brings decades of e-commerce fulfillment experience to every nutraceutical company we partner with. We can get you ready to rock before inventory is on its way to our warehouse to ensure a fast setup. For more information about our fulfillment services, contact us today.

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