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Brand Guidelines

Logos and Submarks

  • The GLF logo should always have E-COMMERCE FULFILLMENT below it unless there is a circumstance where it is so small that E-COMMERCE FULFILLMENT cannot be clearly read (example: a promotional pen or favicon).
  • The GLF logo should only be used horizontally.
  • Use the submark for small or square uses (example: social media profile image).
GLF Logo

Logo Spacing

The minimum whitespace around the GLF logo is equal to the heighth of one side of a box squared.


Logo Placement

The GLF logo should ALWAYS be placed in the top left of a document. Spacing around the logo should adhere to the guidelines on the previous page


The GLF Boxes

  • The GLF boxes represent the unification of the GLF, Jet Mail, and IBC brands. The boxes as they appear in the logo should not be altered.
  • The GLF boxes can be used independently of the logo text as design elements or when a space is too small for the full logo to be legible.


  • All headline fonts, subtitles, subheaders, CTAs, and buttons are Montserrat Semi Bold and all body copy is Montserrat Regular.

Color Palette

  • Blue R:0 G:166 B:214 HEX: #00a6d6 C75, M16, Y5, K0
  • Orange R:232 G:119 B:34 HEX: #E87722 C5, M65, Y100, K0
  • Yellow R:243 G:197 B:22 HEX: #F3C516 C5, M21, Y99, K0
  • Dark Blue R:11 G:54 B:86 HEX: #0B3656 C100, M78, Y41, K34
  • Light Blue R:79 G:193 B:227 HEX: #4FC1E3 C60, M3, Y6, K0
  • Light Orange R:238 G:163 B:104 HEX: #EEA368 C4, M41, Y65, K0
  • Light Yellow R:249 G:217 B:78 HEX: #F9D94E C3, M11, Y82, K0
  • Black R:0 G:0 B:0 HEX: #000000 C75, M68, Y67, K90

Copy Guidelines

  • Company Name
    • Refer to GLF E-Commerce Fulfillment in the first instance of any copy, then in subsequent usage GLF can stand alone.
    • Great Lakes Fulfillment is not to be used in any circumstance.
    • The legal name of the company is GLF 2.0. This should only be used in copyrights, contracts, or other legally binding documents.
  • Use the term facility to describe GLF locations. Do not use warehouse, building, or center.
  • Use of E-commerce, e-commerce, and E-Commerce.
    • E-commerce should be used when it is the first word in a sentence.
    • e-commerce should be used when it is not the first word in a sentence
    • E-Commerce should only be used when it is in a title or stands alone (example: in the navigation bar).
  • Use first-person/second-person point of view when applicable in writing. Examples:
    • “If you need help with X, we offer X.”
    • “Our customers, clients”
    • “We offer X.”
  • Avoid any mention of credit card/merchant processing in all content/copy.