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Inventory Management


24/7 Access to Inventory Analytics and Reports

GLF’s inventory management system optimizes stock levels and forecasts demand using real-time and historical data to ensure product availability. 



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  • Inventory_Balances_Report_Icon-resize
    Inventory Balances Report
  • Tracking_Data_Summary_Report_Icon-resize
    Tracking Data Summary Report
  • Open_Orders_Report_Icon-resize
    Open Orders Report
  • Item_Dashboard_Inventory_On-Hand_Report_Icon-resize
    Item Dashboard and Inventory On-Hand Report
  • Order_Dashboard_Icon-resize
    Orders Dashboard
  • Component_of_Report_Icon-resize
    Component of Report
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Manage All Orders in One System

With complete oversight of your order fulfillment process, gain the insights you need to make data-driven decisions, maintain inventory levels and prepare for demand.

Make Data-Driven Decisions with Built-In Reporting

Comprehensive real-time and historical reporting allows you to identify buying patterns, accurately forecast demand and control inventory costs.


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