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E-Commerce Fulfillment

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End-To-End Fulfillment Services

Not every e-commerce fulfillment partner can say they do it all. GLF can. We offer end-to-end fulfillment services that set businesses up for success both now and in the future.

E-Commerce Fulfillment Services

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From accepting inventory and placing items on shelves to connecting systems and integrating storefronts, we’ll take care of all things receiving.



Store items in our Maine or Texas facilities, and we'll retrieves items daily, weekly or monthly depending on your needs. 



Beyond processing orders, exchanges and returns for quality assurance, we also monitor inventory to keep a pulse on stock levels



Delight customers with professionally packed, kitted and assembled packages. We can even insert personalized marketing collateral.



Sell your product throughout the country or across the world through our domestic and global distribution networks.



Your dedicated customer service rep will take the time to learn your business and find the right solution for your unique needs.

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Industries We Service

Subscription Boxes

With GLF kitting and assembly services, we take multiple SKUs and combine them into one using your packaging to present a consistent brand to your customers.

Cosmetics and Fragrances

With GLF’s pick and pack services, we organize inventory for optimal efficiency by placing items that are often packaged together close by.

Skincare Products

Product quality is paramount in the beauty industry. GLF’s inventory management system is capable of tracking products by their expiration date to ensure items stay fresh and viable.

Clothing and Shoes

Since more and more customers are making purchases online, you want a fulfillment partner whose software integrates directly with your e-commerce store to offer a seamless experience. GLF’s proprietary, cloud-based platform easily integrates with hundreds of retailer storefronts.

Home and Garden Supplies

Upon receiving, your supplies are carefully and thoroughly inspected by GLF to ensure that no damaged or defective products are shipped to your customers.

Jewelry and Watches

Accessories can be expensive, and keeping them secure is a top priority. With GLF’s 200,000 square foot warehouse, your items are carefully monitored.

Nutraceuticals and Supplements

When your products are considered an essential part of your customer’s diets, prompt delivery is key to exceeding their expectations. With same-day order fulfillment across two locations, GLF can get your items out the door fast. Plus, we monitor your items to keep a pulse on expiration dates to prevent wasted product.

Sports Equipment

Sports are seasonal. GLF offers flexible fulfillment solutions, both in terms of space and volume, to handle spikes in sales or promotions throughout the year.

Small Electronics

Consumer electronics play a key role in our daily lives, but many become outdated as new products come to market. GLF’s inventory management services ensure proper stock levels, so you don’t risk missing out on sales or having too many outdated products.


With access to a state-of-the-art print shop, GLF can coordinate the addition of brochures, coupons, instructions and more into your packages.

Our capabilities go far beyond e-commerce fulfillment.

We provide e-commerce businesses with turnkey access to a state-of-the-art print shop, commercial mail house and global distribution network. So whether you want to start adding personalized marketing collateral to your shipments to showcase your brand or expand your business across borders to reach new audiences, we can help.

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